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Wersja polska

There are many different recreational and sport facilities near the resort: a playing fields complex of the "Wisła Ustronianka" Sports Club (three tennis courts, one of them is lit, beach volleyball and football field – 300 m), a modern sport fields complex "Orlik" (football field, multifunctional field for playing volleyball and basketball – 500 m), several ski lifts (for children in the distance of 800 m, chairlifts in the distance of 1 km), an indoor swimming pool (1 km), "Start" Sports Centre (1.5 km), and a chairlift to Stożek Wielki (3 km). Additionally, a fitness trail starts beside our resort – perfect for jogging, finished with a place with exercising facilities, and the Wisła river flows (200 m) – it is an ideal place for sunbathing, bathing and organising picnics. The town centre is also near from here (2 km); walking through the promenade up the Wisła takes about 25 minutes.

In Wisła, the amateurs of active rest have access to tennis courts, summer and indoor swimming pools, a water park, a mountain bike rental, beach volleyball, football and basketball fields, ropes courses, riding tourism, quads and jeeps.

For our visitors, we organise campfires, train rides, bus and walking tours, white and green sleigh rides and ski trainings under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

The Beskids are one of the safest, and at the same time, one of the most beautiful and picturesque mountains in Europe. Wisła has 150 km of hiking trails – for walking tourists, mountain bikers and skiers. It is a perfect sortie base for Czantoria Wielka (a height of 995 m), Stożek Wielki (978 m), Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie (803 m), and Barania Góra (1220 m). On the peak of the last-mentioned there is a view tower from which you can see even Tatra Mountains if the weather is good. On the other hand, during winter the town becomes the centre of winter sports – there are well prepared and, in large part lit, tour and downhill ski runs, more than 20 ski lifts and five ski jumps.

Wisła is a home town of Adam Małysz. You can see there his effigy made of white chocolate (located in the hall of “Dom Zdrojowy”), a gallery of his trophies and a ski jump called with his name, on which you can get by a chairlift.

Being in Wisła, it is also worth seeing interesting places connected with the local culture and history, among them Residence of Presidents of the Republic of Poland surrounded by shoots, and "Zapora na Jeziorze Czerniańskim" functioning as a promenade, Ski Museum, Andrzej Podżorski Beskid Museum or Tourism Museum PTTK.

Wisła is also a lively centre of folklore and art. There are organ music concerts (July), famous Beskid Culture Week (July/August), Country Picnic (August) and the Feast of Honey (August). Among ethnographical curiosities of this region is mainly Izba Pracy Twórczej Jana Kocyana. In this wooden house with two rooms from 1930, there is an exhibition of Jan Kocyan works and other folksy authors from Silesian Beksids and Zaolzie, and the exhibition of old-time domestic usage items and trade tools. In the Gallery "U Niedźwiedzia" folk handicraft products, for example laces, embroidery, wood burnings and sculptures, pictures made on the glass and flowers made of tissue paper, can be seen and bought.

Attractions are also in the nearby Ustroń (10 km from Wisła). In the Leśny Park Niespodzianek, which is open whole year, and which is full of educational-nature trails, the particular attention is paid to the aviary of raptors serviced by qualified falconers. In “Extreme” Complex great amusement is guaranteed by the trampolines, roller coaster and climbing wall. You can get on Czantoria Wielka by chair lift, and on the top of the mountain you can enjoy the summer toboggan run and ropes course, and you can see the falconry.

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